Yes, we're still delivering through COVID-19. Yes, it's still FREE delivery.
Yes, we're still delivering through COVID-19. Yes, it's still FREE delivery.
Junkmail Undies
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Returns and Refunds


Junkmail Undies offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days for the first pair of purchase for each new customer. This guarantee stands on both the first pair of trunks, and the first pair of briefs that a new customer purchases. This way, you are free to try both the trunks and briefs, with absolutely no risk.

If you don't love them, email us and we'll refund your money. You can even keep the undies you put on, we certainly don’t want them.

We only offer refunds on the first pair of each style. Soooooo, if you don't believe the reviews or don't want to risk it to get the biscuit; we recommend trying one pair first and adding more once you've worn them.



If you realise you've made a mistake in the ordering process or you look at the size and realise you've made a mistake, send us an email as quickly as possible.

If the undies are already on their way to you and you don't want them, you can just send them back in their package (we'll even cover the cost of shipping). And if the package is already open, no problems at all - we'll just get you the right size. We don't want anyone walking around in anything but cloud-like comfort that fits like a glove.

We only accept returns for pairs that have not been opened, for obvious (hygiene) reasons. If you have the wrong size or there is any issue at all with the product, please email and we'll be more than happy to fix up your issue with no skin off your nose.