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Why do we care so much about men’s undies?

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Yes, it's true, we have thought about undies more than you'd think


A lot of the questions we get at Junkmail Undies revolve around why we care about men’s undies so much. You may think this men’s underwear fetish thing we’ve got going on is a little strange. Maybe that we care about such an insignificant part of your life is weird. Well we’re here to tell you, a pair of underwear to a man can be the difference between getting that job promotion, or continuing the same, dull daily routine you're currently in.


Men’s underwear is a perfect symbol for your life is travelling. Think about it, if you find a raggedy, torn up old pair of undies belonging to one of two people, who would you guess?


1) Ricky Ponting

2) Your unemployed cousin who recently moved back in with Mum and Dad following a 4-week bender with mates in Bali?


We’re guessing most of you answered with number 2. While we don’t guarantee you’ll end up being captain of the Australian cricket team if you sort out your underwear drawer, there is an increased chance you’ll end up as unemployed cousin Jeff if you don’t fix yourself up.


Yes, underwear is a small part of your day.


You put it on and hopefully that is the last time you’ll have to think about it until you take it off. But have you worn a dirty pair, or a pair laced with holes and loose cotton strings? It’s the sort of start to the day that will haunt you through every meeting.


The Butterfly Effect says that a butterfly flapping its wings in Africa, can cause a tornado in America several weeks later (yes, it’s also a sweet movie starring Ashton Kutcher). It basically means that a small change can have a profound impact in the future. And this is where we see underwear fitting in for men.


Start the day with a just a touch of confidence that a wonderful pair of undies gives you, and all of a sudden you could be starring in a sweet movie like The Butterfly Effect (again, we don't guarantee you'll become a sweet actor and host of an MTV show).


As one of the most famous Australian acoustic guitarists of the millennium rightfully pointed out - "from little things, big things grow." The artist for those not sure - Paul Kelly (check him out here: https://www.paulkelly.com.au/).


So jump onboard with us at https://junkmail.com.au and celebrate small victories with us.

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