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The perfect underwear for jocks...and just everyday active guys

by Nick Hutton | | | 0 Comments

An active lifestyle AND the perfect underwear

We don’t need to lecture you about the benefits of having an active lifestyle, the perfect underwear and staying healthy. Working out, playing sports or just taking the stairs instead of the lift are obviously great for socialising. Well it also helps staying fit and maybe even getting swole, if that's what you're into.

You probably even have a good grasp of the importance of training, nutrition and maybe even some sports science stuff - but are you forgetting a minor (but crucial) thing? Not unlike skipping leg day - you gotta think about your junk when it comes to working out. All that activity and fun can cause some unintended hassles when it comes to the underwear drawer.

The results of busting a gut and churning through a good workout only to see you’ve inadvertently burnt a hole through your undies at the same time can really take the edge of your runner’s high. Not to mention that working up a sweat undoubtedly means you find yourself needing to change your jocks. (Actually multiple time a day if you want to keep yourself fresh).

A spare pair never hurt anyone

It doesn’t mean you have to slump back into being a couch potato in order to preserve the precious fibres of your undergarments though.  You just need a spare pair of undies on your team. Feeling those posi endorphins of exercising probably means you're sweating up a treat. Kinda sexy, maybe, but also kinda gross if you're not changing your knickers after a good sesh.

The nature of being active and working out also means that you're working your undies to the limit. Every squat, specky and pirouette strains those jock fibres and means you'll likely go through undies a lot quicker than those who are more inclined to Netflix and chill than clean and jerk.

The solution to end all solutions

With Junkmail, you’ll never be short on spares. You'll also have the reassurance that they keep the quality as high as the standards you demand from yourself when you’re at it.

It’s the perfect solution for on-the-go guys. You won’t be wasting any time having to tackle the horrors of department stores or shopping centres. Instead you’ll have more time kicking your own goals. And that's what it's all about.

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