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Small Victories: Part 1

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I was on a ski trip with a group of mates a few years back - this was before I had a firm grasp on how to work basic social media platforms. A lot of people found it confusing to be fair.


Anyway, my mate Matt brought up a friend of his - Amanda - on the trip. She was incredible and I was pretty infatuated. Matt mentioned her last name in passing. So I did an unusual thing (it was in this day and age) and searched for her on Facebook. It may sound creepy, but you have to know I was also pretty intoxicated so it was completely cool.


From the privacy of my bunk, I searched for her profile. I didn’t have much luck finding her, and so proceeded to pass out.


It was only after the trip, and after Amanda and I became ‘Facebook friends’ that I realised why I couldn’t find her profile originally. It was because I hadn’t searched for it at all, I had just posted her first and last name as a status.


I never had the courage to speak to her again or even try to explain what had happened, but I did get a few likes for the status. Not from her, of course. She deleted me. Still, the likes were good. - Simon


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