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Should men be wearing underwear to bed?

by Nick Hutton | | | 0 Comments

A question for the ages

It’s a question that men ask regularly regarding their underwear. From fine diners to hard-core clubbers – what should I be doing to help the swimmers keep swimming?

Given its proximity to the area in question – underwear is often front and centre in this argument. Briefs and Trunks give men the most support, but how much support is too much support? Boxers on the other hand are supposed to let the fellas run free, but a majority of people can’t handle just how much freedom they allow.

Comfort is comfort

Because the comfort of undies can greatly impact the happiness of your day (see, we highly recommend the supportive underwear option. You know what they say, a small victory downstairs can lead to many victories upstairs.

At night though, it becomes interesting. Many men think it’s a good time to roam free and let the gents breathe. But think about it in detail for a minute – a majority of men wear cotton undies with good reason. And a majority of men also sleep on cotton sheets. So really, you’re just surrounding your bits with more cotton – whichever way you look at it.

Disclaimer: we are not scientists

Now we don’t profess to be scientists that have studied this for years with damning results. We are simply men who love undies, and have a little bit of common sense. If you are snug under a rug, and have cotton sheets on your bed – is that not the same as having cotton undies wrapped around your hips and quads?

So don’t take this unscientific piece of information to your next doctors convention, but do feel free to use it at a dinner party when someone professes to know all about sleeping in the nude. Cotton is cotton, and we simply recommend the main thing you should be focussed on. Comfort is comfort after all.

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