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Junkmail is now closed. If you have any enquiries, please email info@junkmailundies.com.au
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Our Underwear Donations To Australian Men Experiencing Homelessness

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At Junkmail Undies, we’re committed to making a positive impact on Australian society. One of the ways we're doing this is by donating new pairs of underwear to men experiencing homelessness in various parts of Australia. We’ve donated to areas in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and just recently we donated undies to Leeton, a small town in NSW. 

We’d like to share with you some stories from the people we’ve been donating to, so we can pass on how a small change (such as fresh undies) can have a positive impact. Understandably, not all men are happy to share photos and real names.


This is Darren (not his real name)


Darren is 60 years old and, following a very challenging childhood, has been homeless for the majority of his life. Darren stays 45 minutes from Leeton town but has to visit each day to see his doctor. Unfortunately, he’s been having a tougher time than usual lately, as the bike he used to ride into town was stolen. Now Darren has to commute to his doctor on foot, which in summer and without easy access to food, can be particularly draining.

Darren is particular about how he looks, and always makes sure he’s well groomed. He saves enough money to buy clothes  from an op shop every few weeks, but he rarely has access to a washing machine, which means he wears these clothes for weeks at a time. Darren said he couldn’t ever remember buying new undies, and had only had access to second-hand undies.

We donated a few pairs of Junkmail undies to Darren. This instantly put a huge smile on his face. He genuinely couldn’t wait to go and try them on and put his best outfit on over the top of them. He was looking sharp, feeling sharp and had a more positive outlook for the day ahead.

This is what we mean about how a small difference can have a big impact on someone. Darren’s first pair of brand-new undies in years put a spring in his step and lifted his spirits for the day.


About our social impact


At Junkmail Undies, we’ve made a conscious effort to ensure that we have a positive impact on Australian society. One way we do this is by donating a pair of underwear to Australian men experiencing homelessness for each subscriber we have. There are over 65,000 men in Australia that are currently experiencing homelessness, and we aim to get a pair to each of them over the course of the business – because everyone deserves to have access to the basics in life. 

To date, we’ve donated thousands of pairs through Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with the help of our not-for-profit partners Orange Sky and Pass It On Clothing. We started with these areas so that the Junkmail staff could be there in person to hand out the undies and see the impact that they had. While we’re aware that new underwear is a drop in the ocean in terms of helping those experiencing homelessness deal with their living situation, it is truly amazing how something so small can have a significant impact.

Recently, we diversified the areas of our donations and started with the small town of Leeton. Quick Leeton facts:


    1. - Nearly equidistant to Sydney and Melbourne, Leeton has a population of just over 11,000 people.
    2. - Renowned as Australia’s Rice Capital, and home to SunRice headquarters.
    3. - Hometown of former Australian cricket captain Mark “Tubby” Taylor


With the help of our partner in Leeton, the Leeton Community Op Shop and Soup Kitchen, we were able to distribute fresh pairs to a number of Australian’s experiencing homelessness.

If you would be keen to help us donate undies to homeless people in your town, please contact us on info@junkmailundies.com.au.

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