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How regularly do you need to update your underwear drawer?

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As it turns out, men's underwear subscription is more than just a convenience - they’re also a godsend when it comes to things like hygiene and general health.


“Why throw away perfectly good undies?” You may have asked yourself once or twice, holding up an ungodly pair of jocks that you ​think​ used to be white in the 90s.


Warning: the answer may horrify you. Yep, stop becoming 'perfectly good undies' in less than a year.


It shouldn’t be that much of a shock though, really. When you think about it for longer than a second, men's underwear are just thin bits of fabric that touch your junk all day long, and even if you think your sh*t don’t stink, it’s a nasty area for germs.


Washing them can only help so much, because how often do you clean out your washing machine? You may be interested to learn that washing machines, too, collect bacteria.


This means that even if you put a clean pair of undies in there, they'll become germ-ridden if you wash them long enough (or too many times).


Have a look at this statistic from The Good Housekeeping Institute: 83% of clean men's underwear already contains roughly 10,000 living bacteria.
Not 83% of dirty underwear - 83% of ​clean​ underwear.


So, good news: there's a party in your pants! Bad news: it’s probably not the sort of party you want.


Therefore, it appears you have a few options:
- Regularly buy new washing machines;
- Regularly pay for your washing machine to be thoroughly and professionally cleaned;
- Get some new undies.


In summary, you need to get new undies regularly for health reasons. By not replacing your undies, you risk dong-related diseases that nobody needs to read about but everyone should avoid.


In other words: If you care about your junk, keep it clean and regularly restock your top drawer here. Your bits will thank you.

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