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Final ever SALE. Use code GOODBYE at checkout for 50% off.
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Christmas Gift Giving Hack In 2019

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You're Only As Good As The Last Gift You Gave


T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house, all you wanted was a playstation and your nan bought you a ten-pack of thread-bare undies instead.

There are few things more demoralising than receiving unwearable underwear as a gift. So if it’s your goal to one-up Santa (and your nan) this year, then Junkmail Undies ( are the way to go.

Christmas shopping online is also one of the world’s greatest life hacks. No crowds, no chaos, just a couple of easy clicks of the mouse as you sip away at your eggnog. 


Comfort Before Anything Else


Junkmail’s philosophy embraces comfort in every way. You don’t need to leave your house - you don’t even need to put on pants. Just sit back and let the jocks roll on in. 

There’s no gift that keeps giving like a Junkmail subscription. Keep your near and dear’s junk comfy and clean all year long, and reap some spectacular brownie points from it. 

With every subscription we will also whip 25% off the price - as well as sending some clean jocks to Aussies experiencing homelessness. It’s a triple win for you, your loved one and all Aussies. 

Your move, Santa.

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