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Junkmail is now closed. If you have any enquiries, please email info@junkmailundies.com.au
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Before And After Junkmail Undies - A Rags To Riches Tale

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Is a good underwear drawer even important?


I used to be a simple man, much like you. I took my coffee instant, my food via drive-thru and my undies however they came. My philosophy when it came to underwear was basically to keep them for as long as they desperately clung onto my body. Needless to say, I had some truly horrific pairs on rotation. Holes, broken elastic, discolouration… I didn’t think much of it. But my girlfriend wasn’t a fan to say the least.


It wasn’t my decision to switch to subscription underwear, it was my girlfriend’s. She thought my undies were an abomination. I just thought they were well-loved. She also knew that I would never get off my bum to go shopping for new undies, and that the only way my top drawer would upgrade was if new undies just about fell into my lap. I guess that’s more or less what Junkmail does.


Self esteem was the first thing I noticed.


I never really saw myself as anything but a confident guy. But holy moly does sliding into a supportive, comfy pair of undies make a difference. You just don’t - and can’t feel like a boss in stretched out daggies. To be honest, I feel like I’m a bit of alright in my Junkmail briefs. My girlfriend agrees. Most of the time.


The sheer ease of subscription underwear astounded me as well. I cannot stress how little I have to do for these undies. I guess that’s the thing about online underwear - they just get sent to you as you need them. All I have done since I registered is rock up to my mailbox every four months and boom. It’s like Christmas (even if literally all you ever get is undies).


Where does it leave me?


So while I still take my coffee instant and eat a bit too much crap, I no longer reckon I’m that simple of a man. Because of my online underwear subscription I’m actually doing less work than ever in terms of undies shopping - but the benefits are obvious. Yes, now I am always supported in comfortable underwear and will never be caught out in anything less. But does that make me better than the average bloke? Yes. I believe it does.


Send us an email at info@junkmailundies.com.au to let us know your rags to riches tale, and you may be featured on our next blog.

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