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Final ever SALE. Use code GOODBYE at checkout for 50% off.
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Small Victories: Part 2

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Junkmail Undies: Celebrate The Small Victories In Life


Sorting out your underwear game is a great way to start the day - and we absolutely think it's the most important thing if you want to have a good day). However, we're aware that it's not going to automatically turn you into the next Barack Obama, or Toadfish Rebecchi. 


Just like an important smother in footy, or a diving save to stop a boundary in cricket, your undies are an important one-percenter. It's these small victories that don't seem that important, but can have a huge impact on your life. And this is why we like to celebrate our customers small victories, like Simon's below:


A small victory to calm you at 3am


Last week I stayed back at work to finish crunching some numbers and get the latest project done. I was there until about 1am doing a COUNTIF here and a VLOOKUP there. It was excruciating, but I was getting somewhere. Then came the pinwheel of death.


It lingered on the screen for a good twenty minutes before the computer cooked itself completely and shut down. Naturally I hadn’t backed anything up - because that’s the sort of edgy risk taker I am.


After exhausting every swear word in my vocabulary, I threw my drink bottle against the wall in a final act of rage. After hitting the wall, it did a weird flip followed by a reverse 3 and a half somersaults with a half twist, and then landed perfectly on its base - JUST LIKE ON YOUTUBE. Nobody was there to see it, but trust was awesome.


If you have a small victory you want to share with us, please email If we print it on our blog, or on social media, you'll be given a free pair of Junkmail Undies!

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