Free shipping and money-back guarantee
Free shipping and money-back guarantee
Junkmail Undies
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Save time, save money and increase comfort.
Be the whole package.

Undies that deliver

Never shop for undies again

Feel like a king

Imagine starting every day with a strong, reliable, comfy pair of undies. No holes, no stretched elastic, no worn fabric. You won’t recognise yourself.

Free delivery

As long as the Junkmail Undies are on you, the delivery is on us. Just keep an eye on the letterbox shortly after your order, and that's the last time we'll bother you.

Money-back guarantee

We’re not happy unless you are. We will fully refund your first pair if you don’t like them. And hey, you can keep your used undies. We certainly don’t want them.

Help yourself, and help others

Sort out your undie drawer and be a good bloke all in one swift transaction. For every subscription package that is purchased, we donate a pair of undies to homeless people throughout Australia.

Underwear Shopping Has Never Been So Easy

Select Style
Are you a trunks guy or a briefs man? Buy 1 pair of our men's undies for $16, or subscribe to save 25%.
Choose your size
No judgement on our part. We just want to give you the most comfy undies that fit your figure.
Register your details
Just a few simple, essential details and you're on your way. Who would've thought online underwear shopping would be so simple?
If you subscribe for your undies to be delivered, sit back and relax. We'll automatically charge your account whenever you need undies and they'll arrive like magic.

Buy a pair, give a pair

We’re committed to doing our bit for the 116,000 people experiencing homelessness in Australia. For every subscription purchase, we donate a pair of underwear to people who need it the most.
We do this throughout Australia at our friends at Orange Sky's various sites. Learn more about the great work Orange Sky do below.

Junkmail - Supporting Men Since 2017

We want to take care of the small, but important things in your life. By keeping your underwear drawer full of solid, comfy undies that you are proud of, we are fixing a small one-percenter that will help you have a better day. We won’t make you Prime Minister, but we certainly won’t harm your chances.

We are proud to be the only subscription service that delivers extremely comfy undies with regular designs on a regular basis. With 3 new pairs delivered when you want, you’ll never be caught off guard again.

The best bit? Once you’re signed up, you actually don’t have to do anything again.

Do nothing. Feel amazing. That’s our promise to you.