Free shipping and money-back guarantee
Free shipping and money-back guarantee
Junkmail Undies
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Outlandishly comfy undies, at a terrific price, delivered right when you need them.
A pair is donated to the homeless for every subscription.

The Full Package

We're Here To Make Your Life Easier

We want to take care of the small, but important things in your life. You deserve an underwear drawer that is full of super comfy, reliable undies at a price that will allow you to spend money on your date this Friday night. And you shouldn't have to do anything for this simple pleasure.

Do nothing. Feel amazing. That’s our promise to you.

Why would you choose Junkmail Undies?

Feel Like a King, Always

Imagine starting every day with a strong, reliable, comfy pair of undies. No holes, no stretched elastic, no worn fabric. You won’t recognise yourself.

Free Delivery

As long as the Junkmail Undies are on you, the delivery is on us. Just keep an eye on the letterbox shortly after your order, and that's the last time we'll bother you.

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re not happy unless you are. We will fully refund your first pair if you don’t like them. And hey, you can keep your used undies. We certainly don’t want them.

Help Yourself, And Help Others

Sort out your undie drawer and be a good bloke all in one swift transaction. For every subscription package that is purchased, we donate a pair of undies to homeless people throughout Australia.

If you think you've heard of us, It may have been here

Our Mission

For every subscription, we donate a pair of underwear directly to people experiencing homelessness in Australia.

There are 116,000 Australians currently experiencing homelessness and often forgo basic items like clean underwear. A fresh pair of undies is a small thing in the scheme of homelessness, but it can really help people that need it the most start the day on the right foot.

Learn about why we do this on the link below.